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South Indian Temples
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 South Indian Temples
South Indian Temples

With the passing of the ages empires are created and destroyed, new cultures appear and then again fade, like changing seasons into the shadows of eternity. Vanishing into oblivion, all that remains of those that were once great and powerful in this world are but a handful of relics.

Time, the destroyer of all things, vanquishes even the most invincible empires leaving behind their remnants to be marveled at by future civilizations.

And marvel we do at the wonders of the past, especially the architectural wonders. Be it the pyramids of Egypt, the cathedrals of Rome, the Parthenon of Athens, the Forbidden City in Beijing, or Stonehenge, our mind is at once awed by the beauty and grandeur of ancient architecture.

Throughout the world it's hard to find a place where sacred architecture is as developed a science as is that found in India. India's ancient temples and palaces are certainly among the finest ever built.

This video documents the magnificent temples of South India that remain the most impressive edifices of mans devotion to God for all time. Visit with us the grand temples of Sri Rangam, Tanjor, Chidambaram, Kanchipuram, Ramesvaram and a host of others.

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