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Ayurvedic Incense
Herbal ayurvedic incense - Kamala - Kaviraja - Bodhi Sattva - Zodiac Astrological


ayurvedic incense

Ayurvedic incense has been known since ancient times (in ayurvedic medicine) for its beneficial influence on body
and  mind and in more modern times ayurvedic herbal incense is used in aromatherapy. According to the ayurvedic
medicinal treatment system, india's ancient system of natural healing, quality Ayurvedic Incense enhances health,
induces inspired thought, and creates a peaceful state of consciousness — the meaning of bodhi sattva.

Experience these enchanting fragrances for yourself
you will never be satisfied with any other Incense, ever again.


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Each line of fragrances are available in individual packs for each fragrance and a variety pack.

Kamala Incense fragrances are made only from the finest natural ingredients including essential oils, tree-resins, exotic herbs and flowers. Considered to be the very best by connoisseurs worldwide for its high standard of purity, Kamala fragrances instill an atmosphere of peace and tranquility wherever they are burned.

Daily use of Kaviraja Ayurvedic Incense purifies the air, removes negative sinfluences from the environment, and increases prana (life force).

The subtle fragrances released by Bodhi Sattva Incense purify the environment, gratify the senses, and contain specific properties capable of harmonizing and stimulating the chakras.

Each Zodiac Astrological Incense fragrance corresponds with one's individual nature as determined by their sign of the Zodiac.




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